GeneralAvia Software

One of the most functional divisions GeneralAvia is the department dedicated to research and development, with the production of professional software specifically designed to solve and improve both safety and the quality of the flight that the airport management. A team of engineers with specific expertise in application development and software devotes constant commitment to finding innovative systems with high technological content. Increasingly advanced systems developed in close collaboration with Italian and international research centers.

SKYCHECK – Aircraft Anti-Collision Software

A collision avoidance system for general aviation with technical specifications and extraordinary mobility, soon available on –  GooglePlay™ ed AppleStore™.

JERICO – ATS – Airport Access Security System

A system of monitoring and prediction of the accesses which effectively eliminates 40% of the waiting times of the airport controls while providing a guarantee of absolute security and privacy

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The automatic control system CyberDrone allows to program from one to infinite Droni compatible. Is a sophisticated Flight Management System where are entered all the parameters of flight and aerial mapping refers to the nation in which you want to use. With an easy user interface, both the computer and the personal device you can then program the Drones with all flight parameters necessary. The aircraft can also be programmed with a WIFI system, actually can fly autonomously, without human intervention. A sophisticated anti-collision system integrated will allow them to maintain proper separation and FMS with integrated Jeppesen cartography will always be up to date with airspace and limitations, allowing aircraft properly and fully automatic “flight management” bringing every mission assigned them to fruition. System designed for a specific use of military drones or UAV, will be made accessible also for the commercial market with a different and simplified interface.
System will only work with certified products: CyberDroneSystem® GeneralAvia whose label is present on the retail packaging and on the product.

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