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It’s very simple to enter into the club of GeneralAvia and it’s free. The basic version of the service is free, and although it offers limited option number, compared to Gold or Platinum versions, allows to its members to create and to keep a proper profile, as well as, to manage quite wide net of the contacts. You will have a public page, where you will be able to share your experience, a photo gallery to tell your emotions, a video section where to revive your last flight. You can decide in every moment to pass to Gold or Platinum profiles in order to increase your visibility and possibility for the success. Sign in is free, but it has a big value for you!

Public Page

In this section you can describe your role and your background. More, you will be able to personalize your page, attaching your picture, a short description about you, something about your success, information about your studies, skills and projects.

Mobile Function

In order to interact in an easy and in a fast way, as well as, in real time, the services are accessible from every mobile device. Moreover, you will be able to reach much wider utility, in this way, simplifying your personal branding activity.


In this unlimited section you can share your passion, to revive or to make revive the magic of your sensations. In every moment you can add, modify or to cancel your pictures.


Do you need a technical support? We offer an advanced and efficient service. In every time you can consult our FAQ page, filling up a form, or call us. The service is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


The video gallery is the best way to present yourself. You can to upload here the last video from Youtube, for example, where you present a possible candidature, you show your technical skills or you make to revive a magic of the flight. This function is optional, and therefore is under the fee.

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A public page with your flight experience on the professional site dedicated to the world of the Aeronautics.

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GeneralAvia is altogether of many things, but first of all, it’s a project. Your project. If you want your ambition and your passion to become your future, you are in the right place. Entering into the GeneralAvia world, you will be able to build your brand reputation, to explain us who are you and why are you different from the others. You will have many tools in order to respond to your needs and to cancel a line between space and time in order to communicate with the Aerospace sector specialists in an effective and aimed way. It’s time to invest on yourself, to transmit your values which make you unique and it’s time to show other people your abilities.

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