GeneralAvia® Business Network.

An innovative business network intent on Aerospace sector development.


The GeneralAvia business network represents an useful tool for the companies which desire to obtain a bigger influence on the market without the necessity to merge. Network gives a possibility of the collaboration among the complementary sectors companies, giving them an opportunity to take an advantage of their know-how, still keeping their own identity.

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Big innovation of the GeneralAvia Network is therefore the possibility to match the independence and the business autonomy with the ability to place the financial, technical, human and know-how resources, in order to be able to attain the strategic goals, that can not be achieved by the little businesses.
Joining GeneralAvia Business Network guarantees many advantages:

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Wider recourses, competence and information variety, necessary to face in simpler way global market’s challenges.

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Thanks to the bigger product and process innovation impulse, a possibility to follow specialization and diversification process.

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Expense reduction through the efficient transversal services sharing.

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Expansion towards new markets or towards new client groups.

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New competence development and company know-how increase.

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Expansion in products and services without any change in own activity or commercial characteristics.


NEW Safe & Security  - Cluster Generalavia con Aziende ad alta vocazione tecnologica per offrire servizi e prodotti innovativi nel comparto Sicurezza e Prevenzione. 


NEW Drone & Uav – Cluster Generalavia con Aziende altamente specializzate nella progettazione e produzione di Droni e Uav per uso civile e militare.

GeneralAvia Business Network R.E.A. 17255 (Rome Chamber of Commerce, Trade Register, Financial-Administrative Inventory number 17255).


GeneralAvia Business Network represents a winning cohesion and corporate strategy. The logics of this agreement represents a cultural change which points to have not only an quantitative aggregation but also, first of all under the terms of sharing, a common program which allows companies to grow together expanding their own action range. Moreover, the private agreements’ nature allows to companies to make bureaucratic issues easier and simpler which otherwise would complicate operativeness. Thanks to its characteristics, the GeneralAvia Business Network allows to various corporates to form a team, overtaking local district policies and to project long time national and international economic system improvement.

The applications submitted are subject to Direction approval and the integrative documents can be requested.

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