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Find out all services under the monthly fee.

The Premium Account offers you more advantages in comparison with the Basic free profile. You will have more services at your disposition, and of course, a higher success possibility as well. Among many functions, Premium Account offers you more space for your pictures and your videos, a possibility to create and to send a digital CV, and first of all it allows to have at your disposition a real personal site, independent from the original domain and accessible from the mobile devices in order to share, to update and to insert your contents in every moment wherever you want. With the Premium profile it’s you who decides how to make your page different and how to valorize your strong points.

Public Page

In this section you can describe your role and your background. More, you will be able to personalize your page, attaching your picture, a short description about you, something about your success, information about your studies, skills and projects.


In this unlimited section you can share your passion, to revive or to make revive the magic of your sensations. In every moment you can add, modify or to cancel your pictures.

3rd level domain

Without any additional fee you will have a real independent and personal site with the following web address “”. Which are the advantages? More personal and trustworthy image with the exponential increase of visibility in all web search engines.

Mobile Function

In order to interact in an easy and in a fast way, as well as, in real time, the services are accessible from every mobile device. Moreover, you will be able to reach much wider utility, in this way simplifying your personal branding activity.


Do you need a technical support? We offer an advanced and efficient service. In every time you can consult our FAQ page, filling up a form, or call us. The service is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Digital CV

In this section you can create your completely digital CV with the attached documents. You fill up the Log Book in an easy and fast way, from every mobile device as well. A board journal is the most important tool for a pilot and the Gold Profile offers you all the tools in order to manage it better.

1 Embedded Video + Youtube

The video gallery is the best tool to present yourself. Besides Youtube, you will be able upload a video, which will be viewed only by the authorized companies, where you, for example, make a presentation for a possible candidature. You can choose to upload other 2 videos under the fee, which will be published on your private page.

CV submission and reports

It’s very easy to submit your CV: the link of your 3rd level domain will be sent, with all the necessary material, to the chosen companies. Moreover, an advanced and effective statistics and reports system will allow you to monitor your success of your digital CV under the terms of reception and checking.

It costs only 3 Euros per month

Let your dream come true!

The Gold Profile allows you to manage your CV in totally digital way and to send it to the sector’s companies.

Build your CV in digital video pictures and technical details

To believe in your dreams it’s the first step to make them come true! To challenge each other and to share ones experience with the people who have the same passion, make those dreams to become more important and more concrete. Using Golden Profile you will have many advantages and services, which will accompany you by the road to the success.

Add more value to your skills, build your project with the determination and ambition.


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