GeneralAvia Ethics and Environment.

GeneralAvia, formulating its own business politics, keeps always in mind the fundamental human rights, the labour rights and the environmental standards. The essential point of our respect for the human rights is an acknowledgement of the every person’s value in all areas there he or she has his or her own area of influence.

The introduction, beginning from its performance indicators elaboration project preambles, related to sustainability, allows to make the Business Strategic Plan especially reliable, employing three AA-1000APS (Accountability Principles Standard) principles, issued in 2008 by AccountAbility, International institute of Research, applied on the sustainability subjects:


We commit ourselves to favour a participation of stakeholders in developing and achieving and accountable and strategic response to sustainability.


It’s important to determine the relevance and significance of an issue to an organization and its stakeholders.


It’s necessary to deliver responses to stakeholder issues that affect their own performance.

GeneralAvia Certifications.

The tangible commitment of the GeneralAvia Work Team resides in the ideas realization in accordance with the regulations and the certifications for the aerospace sector, applied with the attention to the products and services quality, as well as to the human resources professional formation.
The human resources are constantly brought up to date and formed in a flexible organization, which points on every level operator’s wellbeing. The attitudes and the talent of every human capital member of GeneralAvia are valued and valorized during the recruiting phase by the experts in Human Factor Engineering.

ISO 9001:2008

iso9001The Quality System of GeneralAvia is under the certification according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 for the following activities: “Product or system design, production, selling and marketing”.

ISO 14001:2004

iso14001GeneralAvia is under the environmental certification according to the standard UNI EN ISO 14001, that guarantees a stable attention to the increasing environment all needs.


aeofGeneralAvia is going to achieve an Authorized Economic Operator Status AEOF (Authorized Operator – Full) in its complete version: Customs and Security Simplification. This status certifies a special reliability of a special subject in front of Customs. This Certification field includes both production implants and the research centers as well.

GeneralAvia corporate structure points on the functional and management flexibility, ensuring timeliness and decision making as well as operative immediateness. Every contact with the stakeholders and the reference target is valued and coordinated directly by the corporate management team who will run work ratios, agreements and orders.