business-consultingIt represents a sector with the widest work team of academic, institutional and industrial experts. In order to fulfill many needs, this team includes managers and technical operators coming from the various industrial sectors. Their high skills and experience are dedicated to the airports’ design, valorization, commercial and structural adjustment, with the following activities, in order to increase airports’ value and to relaunch them commercially: technical counseling, security, design, marketing, communication and the commercial activities. The experts in Problem solving and Extreme project management will work solving highly complicated problems, which will be brought to the Consulting division’s attention.

“The Italian airports are little exploited and it’s difficult to understand that loosing such a recourse, the Nation will have huge damages. In the time of 10 years 75% of the worldwide passengers’ flow will use air transport and the airports will become essential for the entire economies. The aviation sector needs more economic support and the bigger consideration both for the commercial and strategic importance and for all that follows after, and for the responsibility we have in front of the future generations.” 

Diego Zanoni – President GeneralAvia - development plan Italian airports

GeneralAvia Aircraft

5This division is dedicated for the aircrafts production. Components are assembled using composite materials, special alloys and the most modern avionic systems, paying a special attention to the design and to the security, applying ultramodern engineering concepts and exclusive GeneralAvia patents.

GeneralAvia Accademy

pharmacy_software_trainingThis division is dedicated for the aerospace sector’s operators training and specializing, as well as flight school center. Division offers training “in house” and “e-learning” for the sector’s companies with the high technological interest.


engineering-blueprintThis division task is to design, to study and to test new aircrafts, new components, new engines and the ultramodern hybrid propulsion systems as well. The special interest is to establish the Project Wing and the advanced systems applied to UAVII. The division is provided with the reserved arias which are dedicated for the airports design, employing mechanical and aerospace engineers, specialists in physics and architects, who would be capable of covering every structural and design aspects, developed to increase the functionality and the efficacy as well as the security at the airports, paying special attention to the territorial development and to the commercial dynamics under the terms of the total sustainability.


science-labThis division’s is dedicated to the following tasks: nanotechnologies, advanced security systems, new generation fuels, new energy sources and the innovation in the transport sector. In our laboratories we carry out research, studies, analysis, screening and observation of the projects, leaded by the highly qualified professionals, in collaboration with the foreign and Italian Universities as well as with the leading research centers, in order to guarantee an always updated formation as well as executive master and specialization stages for the sector’s operators and for the management group. GeneralAvia, in partnership and in co-marketing, with the memorandums of understanding and pilot agreements with Italian and foreign research centers and companies, shares experimental, research and development projects for the innovation in the aerospace sector and in the divisions, where high technology is employed.

GeneralAvia Sales

Hand_ShakeDivision is run by the commercial management and marketing team in order to place the following GeneralAvia production on the national and international markets: aircrafts, accessories, technical material, software, job clothes and e-commerce.

GeneralAvia Maintenance

This division is created for the aircrafts’ correct maintenance, as the certified specialized workshop, as the client service and as the technical support.

All GeneralAvia divisions employ highly qualified professionals, who will be selected with exclusivity for the job orders, which will especially complicated and for the customers who will demand orders’ management with the urgency. The added sector’s value lies in the cluster of companies, where GeneralAvia is a leader, in order to guarantee an operative synergy in benefit of the concrete and fast projects’ realization, overcoming every bureaucratic and managerial obstacle.