GeneralAvia Ethic, Scientific and Industrial Committee

research-ethics GeneralAvia Consulting avails itself of Ethic, Scientific and Industrial Committee for the Aerospace sector. It was established with the aim to make a research in innovative systems in order to resolve problems in Aerospace sector. Committee’s members are highly specialized and have elevated skills. They are not permanent, but they have a right to exercise their activities and to offer their know-how according to the requests and the Aerospace sector needs in order to have an updated and appropriated expertise. The staff who analyses the preliminary projects for the GeneralAvia Consulting, collaborates according to the most innovative method of “smart working”, adopting two types of diligence, both diagnostic and environmental, for every operative planning, the executive techniques of the shared programs’ realization, as well as the application of the parameters and the rules under the business sustainability concept, strongly desired by the GeneralAvia management team, and all operative technologies oriented towards Total Quality Management (TQM). Main ethic values which conduct the Network’s management are following:

Recognized Expertise

High production specialization and the excellence recognized on the national as well as on the international levels. Know-how sharing in a clear and in a transparent way.

Scientific Independence

Total absence of any form of political interference, nepotism or favoritism. Our aim is to generate quality, professional competence and the growth opportunity without any external influence.

Human Factor Engineering

Maximum attention towards all those factors which foster people wellbeing, which protect health and deliver security. There is no quality without qualification.

Know-how globalization

Our global aim is to make a life conditions better. We are sure that the innovation is not only related to the technological aspects or to the production phases, but as well as to the wider concept which skips economic or statistical analysis: to a wellbeing.


The applications submitted are subject to Direction approval and the integrative documents can be requested.

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Members of the Center for International Studies


Founder and President of GeneralAvia entrepreneur for 25 years, civilian pilot and experienced in developing and managing businesses.




CEO General AVIA Aerospace Technology Company – AIAD / EAD


CEO and Project Manager
Production engineering, Project development (Aerospace industry). General Manager for Safety and Security System. Airport Security Consulting.
GENERAL AVIA Aerospace technology company
Aerospace industry
Professional Expert
Professional Expert in Project Management and New Oriented Governance
Professional Expert
Professional Expert in Sustainability and in Integrated Accounting
Professional Expert
Professional Expert in Human Factors Engineering
General Manager
General Manager
GAM Engineering Consulting
Professional Expert
International publication “New Public Governance” in collaboration with Professor Osborne and Professor Speedman
The University of Edinburgh
Security Economics, Territorial Development and Totally Quality Management . Scientific Committee Member as well as Lecturer at the Development and Security Policies and Management Faculty
Libera Università del Mediterraneo (School of Management at LUM)
Academic Staff
2007 – 2012
Executive Manager
- Committee for the new railway line “Turin – Lion” construction at the Italian Government. “Security and Territorial development Economics” Lecturer “in house” for the Personnel at the Italian Government
- Anti-sabotage and Antiterrorism Committee Member at the Interministerial Governmental Commission for the new railway’s line “Turin – Lion” construction.
Italian Government
Person in Charge
“Special Undersecretariat” for the Classified documents treatment.
Italian Government
2007 – 2009
4th Permanent Defence Commission, Commission President Office
The Senate of the Italian Republic
Administration and Commissary’s Office to the Italian Army (Selection Reserve) – Turin’s Military Academy – Specialization in Informative and Security Systems, Territory Control Strategy and Security Strategy in anti-sabotage and antiterrorism.
Italian Republic Army
Internationalization Commission for the Small and medium-sized enterprises and finance and taxation
system at the Italian National Financial Advisors Association.
Italian National Financial Advisors Association
Temporary Member
- Interministerial Committee for the Economic Planning;
- Permanent Technical Committee (European Union Affairs Interministerial Committee) established at the Italian Government according to the Law of 4th February 2005 on the Lisbon Strategy.
Italian Government
Statute of Italian Entrepreneurs in the World; Coordinating Committee Member
Italian Government
2003 – 2007
Executive Coordinator
- Service II (Italians’ abroad Political and Civil rights);
- Executive Coordinator (temporary charge) – Service IV (Economy, Finance and Small and Medium sized enterprises internationalization) – Department for the Italians in the World at the Italian Government;
- Referent in charge for the Ministry of Italians in the World – Manager – Decree on Immigration quotas, Bossi-Fini Law and the Economic and Financial Planning Document as well as the Italian Financial Law.
Italian Government



Professor at the Sapienza University of Rome : “Psychology Aeronautics and Aerospace”.
Professor at the Flight Safety Inspectorate Superior Italian Air Force, the State University “MGU” Moscow and researcher in studies on the human factor in spaceflight international NASA, ESA and Roscosmos.
Professor and Head of the Master “Extreme Skills” in Italian Pilots Union, Member of “CRM and HF Focus Group”, the advisory board of the Civil Aviation Authority.



The General of the Army Corps of Carabinieri, Serafino Liberati is the Military Adviser of the President of the National Red Cross Italian for matters relating to the Military Corps. The General Liberati after attending the Military Academy and the School of Application of Turin has passed, with the rank of Lieutenant, the Carabinieri Corps.

E ‘degree in law, in science and in Strategic Security Sciences Internal and external. Over the 46 years of career in arming the Carabinieri he has held inter alia, the following duties: Commander of the Society of Fuorigrotta (NA), Commander of the Group of Pescara; Deputy Commander of the Carabinieri for the Protection of Artistic Heritage; Commander of 11 Brigade, employed with 13 Battalions located in major Italian cities; Commander of the Grouping scientific Investigations (RIS); Commander of the Specialized Units of the Carabinieri.

The General Liberati was also Chairman of the Central Council of Representative (Co. Ce. R.) of the Armed Forces and Police. He received the honorary citizenship for the recoveries made in the protection of the artistic patrimony of the city Castelli (Teramo) and Guidonia (Roma).

And ‘the founder and President of the Association of social promotion “Ark of the XXI Century”, for research and the identification of the reasons of discomfort of the company in the areas of safety, environment, health, relationships ethical – social and civil cohabitation provide a constructive contribution to the thinking public and private institutions to create the best living conditions in the current social context. And ‘Military Advisor, before the Extraordinary Commissioner and then President of CRI, from 1 May 2008.



Advisor to the Italian Secretary of State for Defence