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GeneralAvia Crew Research was established with the exact aim to furnish a high technological tool, specially dedicated to all people who wish to propose their candidatures or work interest for the air companies, airports and for the big corporates who work in the Aerospace sector over the World. GeneralAvia Crew Research is an important tool in order to improve and/or to consolidate the proper career, offering absolutely exclusive information service. In our data base we have the data of 800 air companies over the World, 520 airports and the specialized companies whom you, in a professional and totally digital way, will be able to propose your availability or interest, the rest is our job. To be a part of GeneralAvia Crew Research program means to meet new people and to make yourself known, to rouse a challenge, to promote the value of competences and to become a protagonist in an international social and professional net. Through the Crew Research option you will be able to reach a world rich of opportunities and to build up your career, managing your CV in a reserved way, which will be always up to date, available and ready whenever you want.

Create your Curriculum Vitae Digital

You can create your own real personal web site and use it as a professional CV, with many utilities for your profession and your flights.

Send your CV to Airlines

You can send the link of your CV to hundreds of digital aeronautical companies, monitoring access and the real interests of your visitors.

Share and publish your experiences

Thanks to GeneralAvia , you can share information about yourself, about your fights and their own experiences.

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