GA3000 is the first aircraft in the World in the general aviation that integrates perfectly pilotage and active security systems, which till today were unthinkable. An aircraft with an intuitive and an extremely simplified cockpit and with the hybrid propulsion, using PACKFUEL technology, as well. It will be a new concept of an aircraft completely controlled by the fly-by-wire systems and by the revolutionary avionics.”

Airline Magazine -  Diego Zanoni – Presidente GeneralAvia

GeneralAvia it’s a brand of excellence for the Aviation and the Aerospace sector. It was born from the passion of an Italian businessman and the civil pilot, who transformed specific sector needs into the surprisingly ultramodern technologies and services.

GeneralAvia is: an innovation, a technology, the navigation systems, a security, a sustainability and the sector’s operators quality and wellbeing, which altogether find an ideal fusion in the creativity and in the technology Made in Italy with the exceptional quality Made in Swiss, in favor of the territorial development and in support of the Authorities in charge for the maintenance of the Environmental, Energetic and Economic sustainability.

GeneralAvia is: the first company, leader in utility for its installed productive capacity, in the aircrafts design and in sale of integrated activities and in the wide technological sectors consulting.

GeneralAvia is: the productive dynamics actuation through the use of the New Oriented Governance applying integrated management system for every operative asset and with Total Management Quality guaranteeing high monitoring standards in all eight industrial divisions business dynamics.

GeneralAvia is: a entrepreneurial reality, a company AIAD (Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security) federate for the Defence-Space and Security sector with the extremely innovative features in organization, production and services.