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GeneralAvia it’s a brand of excellence for the Aviation and the Aerospace sector. It was born from the passion of an Italian businessman and the civil pilot, who transformed specific sector needs into the surprisingly ultramodern technologies and services. … Read More >

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High professionality for the design, development and structural adjustment and commercial of airport sites, with technical advice for safety, for the design, marketing… Read More >

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GeneralAvia, formulating its own business politics, keeps always in mind the fundamental human rights, the labour rights and the environmental standards. The essential point of our respect for the human rights is … Read More >

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The GeneralAvia business network represents an useful tool for the companies which desire to obtain a bigger influence on the market without the necessity to merge. Network gives a possibility of the collaboration among the complementary sectors companies,… Read More >

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Ethic, Scientific and Industrial Committee

GeneralAvia Consulting avails itself of Ethic, Scientific and Industrial Committee for the Aerospace sector. It was established with the aim to make a research in innovative systems in order to resolve problems in Aerospace sector. Committee’s members are highly specialized and have elevated skills. They are not permanent, but they have a right to exercise their activities and to offer their know-how according to the requests and the Aerospace sector needs in order to have an updated and appropriated expertise…. Read More >


GeneralAvia AIAD Member

AIAD is an Association, a member of Italian Industries Federation for the Aerospace, Defense and Security. Read More >


GeneralAvia Software

One of the most functional divisions of GeneralAvia is that dedicated to the software productions….Read More >

Flying is our first passion

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Soon a rich online store with of all the best goods for the professional pilot

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Enter into the World of GeneralAvia and build up your opportunity!

GeneralAvia Crew Research was established with the exact aim to furnish a high technological tool, specially dedicated to all people who wish to propose their candidatures or work interest for the air companies, airports and for the big corporates who work in the Aerospace sector over the World. GeneralAvia Crew Research is an important tool in order to improve and/or to consolidate the proper career, offering absolutely exclusive information service. In our data base we have the data of 800 air companies over the World, 520 airports and the specialized companies whom you, in a professional and totally digital way, will be able to propose your availability or interest, the rest is our job. To be a part of GeneralAvia Crew Research program means to meet new people and to make yourself known, to rouse a challenge, to promote the value of competences and to become a protagonist in an international social and professional net. Through the Crew Research option you will be able to reach a world rich of opportunities and to build up your career, managing your CV in a reserved way, which will be always up to date, available and ready whenever you want.

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